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MyCommittee is where your members come together and get things done.

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Everything you need in one place.

Meeting agendas, minutes, planning, communication and collaboration tools. It's all there and ready to go.

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The heart of MyCommittee.
Meeting wizards.

Old business will be carried forward by the agenda wizard and items requested by members can be added easily.

Enter the key discussion points after the meeting and the minutes wizard will take care of the rest.

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Powerful tools to better run your board or committee.

MyCommittee has all the tools you need to run your board or committee more efficiently. Whether it's reminding members to complete a task, reviewing meeting documents or discussing issues in between meetings, it's all there, in one place.

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Replace your microservices
with one simple app.

Using our single innovative service you can remove all your communication dependencies and a bunch of emails, calls, texts and apps you currently have.

Unlimited members. One price.

We don't charge per user, only per service.

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