Offline meetings

Offline meetings.
Something new.

With busy schedules, it can be impossible to get everyone on a call or in a room at the same time.
Here comes 'Offline meetings'.

Join any time

Offline meetings are available 24/7

From home

Or wherever you are.

As often as you like

Offline meetings can run for several days

Built for modern teams.

Make decisions outside the meeting room.



Read and post comments. It's like messaging but structured.


A voting component can be added to each agenda item.



Votes are automatically collected and counted. The meeting moderator can summarize the key discussion points to create a searchable summary (minutes) of the meeting for future reference.

An innovative and efficient way to make decisions

Today, people are already spending smaller chunks of focused time on work whenever it is most convenient.
Offline meetings are often more efficient and can become an important decision-making tool in your organization.

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