Meeting Minutes: Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019 Started: 7:00 PM Ended: 8:30 PM
Station 9
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
Paul Kalmus
Minuted rec. by:
Diana Buhrmann
Minutes approved


Diane Ball, Kristine Benadum, Charles Pat Boyd, Jim Brewer, Diana Buhrmann, Kathy Donovan, Paul Kalmus, Kevin Lipscomb, Christina Powell, Crystal Price, Dan Russell, Justin Urquhart
Invited guests:
Janice (present), Tina Arterburn (present), Alicia Brazee (present), Margaret Brown (present), Robert Brush (present), Jinny Gray (present), David Jimerson (Absent), Tom Kiernan (present), John Ormond (present)

Meeting documents




1.1. Call to order at 7:00pm

1.2. Attendance

1.2.1. Attendance Recorded

Quorum present.

Status: Parked

1.3. Nominations & elections to fill vacant elected offices

1.3.1. Squad Recognition

Released AIC

  • Margaret Brown
  • Ashley Talley
  • Melissa Anderson
  • Marco Calantropo
  • Robert Brush
  • Alejandro Parodi
  • Erin Gawer


  • Auston Stewart
  • Robert Brush
  • Charles Boyd


  • Megan Urlaub

Captains Coin

  • Charles Boyd
  • Margaret Brown
  • Crystal Price

For helping with state inspection.

Status: Completed

1.4. Approval of agenda

1.4.1. Agenda

Motion to approve tonight’s agenda as distributed: motion approved.

Status: Parked

1.5. Officer & visitor introductions

1.6. Secretary's report

1.6.1. Last meeting's minutes March Minutes

Motion to approve March Minutes as written and distributed: motion approved

Status: Parked

1.7. Treasurer's report

1.7.1. Finances (balance sheet)

1.7.2. Budget (budgeted-vs-actual report)

1.7.3. Treasurer’s Report

Current net worth of 1.3 million

Status: Parked

1.8. OscarTRACK metrics

1.8.1. OscarTrack Metrics Report

  • Recruits/trainees in Dec we had 28 in the pipeline
  • march we have 54 in pipe line, ours numbers have been steadily increasing for the last 5 months.

Status: Parked

1.9. Continuous Strategic Plan

1.9.1. Continuous Strategic Plan Coordinator Report

  • Squad doesn’t pay income tax or sales tax.
  • Renewed , we are good for 5 more years.

Status: Parked

1.10. Coordinator reports

1.10.1. Fund drive Fund Drive Coordinator Report

  • 84501.00 since November
  • 3rd week of May spring fund drive distributed 

Status: Parked

1.10.2. Membership Membership Coordinator Report

The following member has been AIC released for 6 months and is eligible to be voted in as a full member:

Califano, Daniel AIC released 9/25/2018: approved

Amir Louka - duty physician possibly. Deferred one month.

Status: Completed

1.10.3. Training Coordinator

1.10.4. Uniforms Uniform Coordinator Report

Issued uniforms to 5 new interns.

Status: Parked

1.10.5. Building & Grounds

1.10.6. Ambulance Procurement & Disposition / Fleet Renewal Plan Ambulance Procurement and Disposition Coordinator Report

Applying for RSAF grant to replace 920. Announced July 1st if we get it.

Status: Parked

1.10.7. Recruitment and Retention Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Report

  • Banquet Friday Nov 15, same venue
  • Community FB page
  • Monthly Activities
  • EMS week end of May
  • EMS - KVRS featured in Sept.

Status: Parked

1.10.8. Info Tech Information and Technology Coordinator Report

  • KVRS WiFi 

Status: Parked

2. Logistics

2.1. Logistics Coordinator Report

  • We have a contract with Medtronic for Stair chairs and stretchers 
  • we do not have a contract for power loaders. A one year contract is 395 per year per unit.
  • 5 of our stretchers were built in 2010 or 2011
  • We have one complete Fracpac.
  • inquire to rescue council about blanket contract for power loads and life pac batteries.

Status: Parked




5.1. Time & place of next meeting

5.1.1. Monday May 6th at 7:00pm

Status: Parked

5.2. Adjournment at 8:16 pm