Meeting Minutes: Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019 Started: 7:00 PM Ended: 8:30 PM
Station 9
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
Paul Kalmus
Minuted rec. by:
Diana Buhrmann
Minutes approved


Charles Pat Boyd, Diana Buhrmann, Kathy Donovan, Paul Kalmus, Tom Kiernan, Kevin Lipscomb, Christina Powell, Crystal Price, Justin Urquhart
Diane Ball, Kristine Benadum, Jim Brewer, Dan Russell
Invited guests:
Jinny Gray (present), David Jimerson (present), Samantha Kirby (present), John Ormond (present)

Meeting documents




1.1. Call to order at 7:04 pm

1.2. Attendance

1.3. Nominations & elections to fill vacant elected offices

1.4. Approval of agenda

1.4.1. Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda as distributed: approved 

Status: Completed

1.5. Officer & visitor introductions

1.6. Secretary's report

1.6.1. Last meeting's minutes January minutes

Motion to approve the minutes as distributed: motion approved

Status: Completed

1.7. Treasurer's report

1.7.1. Finances (balance sheet)

1.7.2. Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance sheet ok
  • Kevin  is going to work on a proposal to move some money around.

Status: Parked

1.8. Budget (budgeted-vs-actual report)

1.9. OscarTRACK metrics

1.9.1. OscarTRACK Metrics Report

  • Down from 144 to 115 crew shifts per month.
  • 19% on liberal status
  • 81% able to run
  • low number of released members

Status: Parked

1.10. Continuous Strategic Plan

1.10.1. Continuous Strategic Plan Coordinator Report

  • TCC program, Certificate of non profit management.
  •  Possible squad funding

Status: Parked

1.11. Coordinator reports

1.11.1. Fund drive Fund Drive Coordinator Report

Donations are beginning to slow down.

Status: Parked

1.11.2. Membership Membership and Transfer Request Process

  • Apprentice member for 6 months before they become eligible to be voted in as a full member.
  • New member, dept does background check. Membership Coordinator approves them, 6 months the BOD votes on full membership.
  • Transfer, membership coordinator brings it to the BOD for a vote. Is it possible to cc 950 and 951 on transfers ?

Status: Completed Membership Coordinator Report

The following member has been AIC released for 6 months and is eligible to be voted in as a full member:

Brown,Margaret...... AIC released 7/27/2018

We have two transfer request:

Aaron Montgomery  was approved by 951 effective 3/1/2019

Wayne Papalski has already been issued uniforms. Transferred from R14

Once approved by the BOD they will be apprentice members.

Motion to approve Margaret Brown as a full member: approved 

Motion to approve both transfers: approved 


Status: Completed

1.11.3. Training Coordinator Training Coordinator Report

  • mentor program
  • preceptors needed

Status: Parked

1.11.4. Uniforms

1.11.5. Building & Grounds Building and Grounds Coordinator Report

  • New file cabinets
  • screen for display,still working on that.
  • KVRS sign

Status: Parked

1.11.6. Ambulance Procurement and Disposition/ Fleet Renewal Plan Ambulance Procurement and Disposition Coordinator Report

  • VBEMS grant allied for in March. We should find out if we get it by July.

Status: Parked

1.11.7. Recruitment and Retention Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Report

  • Jan 24 station appreciation day, KVRS is in September 
  • VBMS camp 911 summer camp for middle school students.
  • Rescue Lines emailed monthly
  • BLS class Feb 21
  • R&R steering committee
  • Chili cook off Feb 10th
  • mission bbq presentation shadow box at 4 pm Feb 10

Status: Parked

1.11.8. Info Tech

1.12. Logistics Coordinator Report

We need to replace 5 Batteries at a cost of $465 each. Kevin suggested a Battery Coordinator (operational position)

Status: Completed



3.1. Process Presentation Time

Move back to March agenda.

Status: Completed


4.1. Time & place of next meeting

4.1.1. Monday March 4th at Station #9 beginning at 7:00pm

Status: Completed

4.2. Closing business

Chief Neldeka. Coming next month.

Status: Parked

4.3. Adjournment at 8:20 pm