Meeting Minutes: Monday, November 5, 2018

Special meeting
Monday, November 5, 2018 Started: 7:00 PM Ended: 8:30 PM
Station 9
Annual elections!
Chaired by:
Paul Kalmus
Minuted rec. by:
Diana Buhrmann
Minutes approved


Kristine Benadum, Charles Pat Boyd, Diana Buhrmann, David Johnson, Paul Kalmus, Kevin Lipscomb, Christina Powell, Crystal Price, Dan Russell
Diane Ball, Jim Brewer, Kathy Donovan, Justin Urquhart
Invited guests:
Tina Arterburn (present), Margaret Brown (present), Jinny Gray (present), Lauren Heburt (present), David Jimerson (present), Tom Kiernan (present), Samantha Kirby (present), Toni Macon (present), John Ormond (present), Denny Stewart (present), Thomas Trumbaur (present), Charles Wooten (present)

Meeting documents




1.1. Call to order

1.1.1. Call to order at 7:01 pm by Tom Kiernan

Status: Parked

1.2. Attendance

1.3. Nominations & elections to fill vacant elected offices

1.3.1. Annual Elections

Election results:

  • President: Paul Kalmus
  • Vice President: John Ormond
  • Secretary: Diana Buhrmann 
  • Treasurer: David Jimerson
  • Motion to vote incumbent members of the Board of Directors as a slate: motion approved.
  • Diane Ball
  • Justin Urquhart 
  • Jim Brewer
  • Charles Boyd
  • and to fill the spot vacated by John Ormond : Kevin Lipscomb
  • Captain: Chris Powell
  • XO:Kristine Benadum 

There were 20 members voting plus 7 proxies.

Status: Parked

1.4. Approval of agenda

1.4.1. Agenda Approval

Motion to approve the agenda as distributed: Motion Approved 

Status: Parked

1.5. Officer & visitor introductions

1.6. Secretary's report

1.6.1. Last meeting's minutes

1.7. Treasurer's report

1.7.1. Finances (balance sheet)

1.7.2. Budget (budgeted-vs-actual report)

1.7.3. Treasurer’s Report

See attachments

Status: Parked

1.8. OscarTRACK metrics

1.8.1. Oscar Track Metrics Report

KVRS answered more calls than any other squad.

Status: Parked

1.9. Continuous Strategic Plan

1.10. Coordinator reports

1.10.1. Fund drive Fund Drive Coordinator Report

Fall fund Drive mailing due out next week.

Status: Parked

1.10.2. Membership Membership Coordinator Report

The following membes have been AIC released for six months and are eligible to be voted in as full members at the November 5th BOD meeting.  In my absence, can you please present their names.

  • Van Eck, Clara -- AIC Released 4/6/2018
  • Carlberg, Nicole -- AIC Released 4/25/2018
  • Abad, Hyacinth -- AIC Released 4/30/2018
  • Bergeron, Allison -- AIC Released 5/2/2018
  • Perna, Emerson -- AIC Released 5/4/2018

Membership questions regarding Clara Van Eck and Nicole Carlberg. Vote delayed one month.

Motion to vote in last 3 as a slate: motion approved

Motion to grant full membership to Abad,Bergeron and Perna: Motion approved.

Status: Completed

1.10.3. Training Coordinator Training Coordinator Report

13 new recruits this month.

Status: Parked

1.10.4. Uniforms

1.10.5. Building & Grounds Building and Grounds Coordinator Report

Currently working on the duty board.

Status: Parked

1.10.6. Ambulance Procurement and Disposition/ Fleet Renewal Plan Ambulance Procurement and Disposition/Fleet Renewal

Currently 2 grants processing.

Status: Parked

1.10.7. Recruitment and Retention Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Report

Retention Team: Tina Arterburn,Jan Dolen and Lauren Hebert.

12/01/18 - Bazaar in the Bay from 9:00am - 3:00pm

Status: Parked

1.10.8. Info Tech Information and Technology Coordinator Report

KVRS Web page, needs updating.

Status: Parked



3.1. Truck Paperwork

All of the truck paperwork has been squared away now.

Status: Parked

3.2. KVRS Sign

Discussed several possible sign styles for the squad to be placed out by the road.

Status: Parked


4.1. Time & place of next meeting

4.1.1. Monday December 3

Status: Completed

4.2. Adjournment at 7:58pm