Meeting Minutes: Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018 Started: 7:00 PM Ended: 8:30 PM
Station 9
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
Tom Kiernan
Minuted rec. by:
Diana Buhrmann
Minutes approved


Diane Ball, Charles Pat Boyd, Jim Brewer, Diana Buhrmann, Kevin Lipscomb, Christina Powell, Dan Russell, Justin Urquhart
Kristine Benadum, Paul Kalmus, Crystal Price
Invited guests:
Tom Kiernan (present), John Ormond (Absent)

Meeting documents




1.1. Call to order at 7:07 pm

1.2. Attendance

1.3. Nominations & elections to fill vacant elected offices

1.3.1. Director at Large Opening

Nominations were made and Kathy Donovan was elected by a vote of the BOD.

Status: Parked

1.4. Approval of agenda

1.5. Officer & visitor introductions

1.6. Secretary's report

1.6.1. Last meeting's minutes Motion to approve June and July’s minutes as distributed: motion approved.

Status: Completed Motion to add storage space to my committee

 Motion to add storage space to my committee:

Status: Completed


Motion to pay my committee fee of $228 from building and Grounds fund: motion approved. Request to distribute minutes to BOD as a pdf file: Secretary will distribute pdf minutes

Status: Parked

1.7. Treasurer's report

1.7.1. Finances (balance sheet)

1.7.2. Budget (budgeted-vs-actual report)

1.7.3. Treasurer’s Report

  • 1.3 million net worth
  • Motion to take excess from 923 and SAR truck to zero out all overages: motion approved.

Status: Parked

1.8. OscarTRACK metrics

1.8.1. Oscar Track Metrics Report


  • schedule submissions
  • 19% of members on leave

Status: Parked

1.9. Continuous Strategic Plan / Fleet renewal plan

1.10. Coordinator reports

1.10.1. Fund drive Fund Drive Coordinator Report

  • 70,000 in donations
  • Next mail out in Nov
  • card fundraiser earned $377

Status: Parked

1.10.2. Membership Membership Coordinator Report

No report at this time.

Status: Parked

1.10.3. Training Coordinator Training Coordinator Report

  • 4 soon to be released
  • 1 new , Mike Hall
  • 8 possible new proctors, Margaret Brown Training as a proctor
  • 4 candidates going to Symposium. Squad to pay $125 for each one by invoice.

Status: Parked

1.10.4. Uniforms Uniform Coordinator Report

Duty shirts, fleeces and jackets in stock.

Status: Parked

1.10.5. Building & Grounds Building and Grounds Coordinator Report

  • Picnic table repair
  • status board, Greg Postelweight inter grated Sandbridge’s status board with Oscar Track. We should Che k with him.

Status: Parked

1.10.6. Ambulance Procurement & Disposition Ambulance Procurement and Disposition Coordinator Report

  • Working on a RSAF grant to replace 920
  • working on a grant for life pack retaining systems from the foundation.
  • Motion to expand the grant to include the life pack retaining systems: motion approved

Status: Parked

1.10.7. Recruitment and Retention Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Report

  • Game night went great

Status: Parked

1.10.8. Info Tech Information and Technology Coordinator Report

  • Heather is creating a FB page

Status: Parked



3.1. Mile IQ

  • 20 subscriptions for 899.95 per year
  • tabled for 1month

Status: Completed

3.2. Logistical Support Unit

  • Alan Perry requested more information.
  • budget information: endorsement from the city garage and Chief Brazzle

Status: Completed


4.1. Time & place of next meeting

4.1.1. Monday September 10 at 7:00pm at Station 9

Status: Completed

4.2. Request from Chief Brennaman

  • looking for funding to purchase jackets for students. Wants to know if we can store some jackets at our station: yes.

Status: Parked

4.3. Adjournment at 8:46 pm