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Quick Start Guide for Committee Admins

Customize your committee

Use the Settings button at the right to start customizing your committee.

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Click on any category to view and change available options.

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Learn more about Committee Settings here

Add committee members

Add committee members by clicking on 'New member' on the Members tab under the People menu. All you need is a name and email address.

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A welcome email makes it easy for new members to sign up. You can customize the contents of the email under the committee settings.

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Learn more about managing members here

Schedule a meeting

Use the 'New meeting' button under the Meetings menu to schedule a regular meeting. When you create a recurring meeting schedule under Settings, the next meeting date will be automatically calculated.

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Once the meeting is scheduled, you can send notifications to members so they can add the meeting to their calendar.

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If your agenda has a fixed structure and has recurring items, you can create an agenda template under Settings to make agenda creation quick and easy.

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Learn more about regular meetings here

To learn more about MyCommittee, take a look at our video tutorials and knowlege base.