MyCommittee for business

Today, board committees are still one of the main instruments for running a business and making major decisions.


While a business cannot operate without the help of board committees, it is an ongoing challenge for every organization to keep each committee focused and operating efficiently. Too often, board meetings are poorly organized and unstructured, members are unprepared or are lacking clear goals and objectives resulting in poor general committee performance.

Why MyCommittee?

MyCommittee is designed around best practices in committee and meeting management and will give your board and committees the required tools and framework to operate more effectively. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Save valuable time by using our smart agenda and minutes wizards.
  • Make your meetings more effective by getting members prepared and engaged.
  • Continue to collaborate between meetings on important issues and action items.
  • Find all information related to your committee in one central place.
  • Unify all committees in your organization by using the same standard.

“Improving board committees’ effectiveness, will pay off in all areas of the organization.”

MyCommittee is already trusted and used by thousands of boards and committees in these industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Real estate

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Energy

  • Hospitality

  • Transportation

  • Construction

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