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Quick Start Guide for Board Members

Sign up

The first time you are added to a board, we will send you a welcome email. Click the link in the email to go to the sign up page, create a password and click on 'Sign up'.

member signup

To make sure it is you signing up, we will send you a time-sensitive confirmation email.
For your security, the link in this email remains valid for one day only.

Confirm email

Click the link in the email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you can now login with your email and the password you just created.

Note: You can change your email address any time after you signed up. Learn more about that here.

Find your way around

Use the Dashboard button on any page to view your board. Click on the board name to go to the board web site.

Dashboard button

Navigate to different sections inside your board web site using the main menu.

Main menu

Use the Settings button at the right to view the board info page.

Settings button

To view your organization info page use the Organization Home button.

Organization button

Access your profile and notifications settings in the top right corner.

User profile

View committee information

Click on the 'Subcommittees' button under 'More' in the main menu to view committee information.


Click on a committee name to visit the committee info pages.

Board committees

Learn more about subcommittees here.

To learn more about MyCommittee, take a look at our video tutorials and knowlege base.