MyCommittee for associations

Every organization, even the smallest, needs people to make decisions and manage the day to day functions

In many cases, members of these management boards and committees have full time day jobs and are volunteering part of their time on evenings and weekends. People only see each other on weekly or monthly meetings and this makes it very challenging to keep everyone connected and on the same page.

The budget is usually limited and often entirely based on fundraising and donations.


What can MyCommittee do?

With MyCommittee you can manage your association in a much more effective way, without the need of an IT department and completely free. All you need is a computer, Internet access and a browser.

  • Easy to use. Anyone who can browse the Internet can use MyCommittee.
  • Use the meeting wizards and other tools to help you run your board or committee like a pro.
  • Keep your members engaged between meetings by starting discussions, sharing documents, etc.
  • Find all information related to your association in one central place.
  • And did we mention, all completely free?

Join thousands of groups that are already using MyCommittee. Some examples:

  • Sport clubs

  • Choir groups

  • Dog training clubs

  • Dance and ballet associations

  • Student associations

  • Theatre groups

  • Neighborhoud committees

Use MyCommittee for free.

Work and play like a professional.

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