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How do I add a committee member?

Committee members are added on the 'People' page. There are three parts to adding a new member:

  1. Contact information
  2. Membership information
  3. Welcome email (optional)

Contact information
The contact information identifies the new member. In order to connect to your committee, new members need to sign up using the email address you entered. The email address is the key to link users to your committee portal. If a new members signs up with a different email address, they won't be linked to your committee and the committee will not show up on their dashboard. If this happens, you can change (edit) the email of the member in the contact information to the one they used to sign up or the new member can register again with the correct email address. Both options will work.
Once signed up and linked correctly, members can change their email address any time while remaining linked.

Membership information
The membership information defines the type of member and their role in the committee. You can also enter an optional start date and term if used.
If the new member should be able to perform administrative tasks in the committee portal, select the corresponding permissions.

Invitation email
The invitation email is optional but recommended. It simplifies the process of signing up for new members. The email contains a link to the sign up page and will automatically enter the correct email address on the sign up form. Members only need to create a password. 
You can customize the welcome email for each member and change the default template in the committee settings.

Click on the 'New member' button to add a new committee member. Name and email address is all you need.
If you don't have the member's email address, just enter the name. The member will not be able to register at your committee portal yet and can't see the online agendas and minutes but you can still assign items to the member. You can add the email address and send the invitation email any time later.
Select the member type, enter an optional start date and term and select the create agendas and/or create minutes check-box if the member should be able to create/edit/distribute agendas and/or minutes.
Check the 'Committee Admin' check-box if the member should be a committee administrator.

What is the difference between a member and a contact?

A contact is a person that is somehow related to your committee but is not a committee member. When you for instance invite a guest to one of your meetings, mycommittee will automatically create a contact (record) for this person.
Contacts can be registered mycommittee users but can not log in to your committee portal.

What is a committee admin?

A committee admin can perform administrative tasks on your committee web site. Here are the most common ones:

  • Edit committee settings
  • Add/delete committee members and contacts
  • Edit agendas and minutes
  • Moderate comments
  • Various other maintenance tasks
The chair person is a committee admin by default

What is the difference between an invited and active member?

When you add a new member to your committee and that member did not sign up with mycommittee yet, their status will show as 'Invited'. As long as the member didn't sign up, you will be able to change their name and email address and send another invitation email. This will allow you to correct any typos in the email address.
During this time, for security and privacy reasons, other members will no be able to see any contact or profile information for the new member yet.

When a new member signs up with mycommittee and confirms their email address, the status of the member will change to 'Active'. The committee admin will no longer be able to edit the name and email address and send invitation emails.

Because the member now has full access to their contact and profile information, that information will become visible to other members of the organization.

What happens when I add a new member to a committee?

When you add a new member and include a valid email address, that member will have access to the committee portal immediately. The invitation email is simply a way to make signing up easier but new members that are already registered mycommittee users can access the committee before it was sent. The email address is what links a new member to your committee.

Once you add a new member, the next time this person logs on to mycommittee, the member will receive a notification page with the details of their new membership and the committee will show up on their dashboard.

Can I upload all members of a committee at once?

Yes, this feature is available starting with the premium plan and higher. You can prepare a spreadsheet with all your member information and upload that to create all the member records at once. 
To do this go to your organization home page and open the committees tab. Select the committee and click on the 'More' (…) button. Select the 'Import members' option. Detailed instructions on how to format the document are provided on the upload page.

Can I use a role-based email address for a new member

As a best practice, we always recommend to use a personal email address for new members in order to avoid name mix-up and/or privacy issues in the future. Sharing an account and password might lead to inaccurate references in historical messages, comments, etc.

If you have no choice and need to use a role-based email address, please use the following steps when changing ownership to the new member:

  1. Deactivate the account of the outgoing member (profile -> Deactivate) and remove the stale member from the committee. This will preserve the real name of the member for historical references throughout the committee.
  2. Add the new member with the same email address and choose the option 'This is a different person'. A new member record will be created.
  3. Send a welcome email.
  4. The new member will be able to sign up as any other member and enter their real name for future reference.

Can I edit a member's contact information?

In some boards, it is practice for the administrator or secretary to keep the contact information of all board members up to date. As a committee admin, you will have access to the profile information of all members in your board or committee.

When you edit the contact information of an active member, that member will receive a notification email. This will allow members to review their information after changes.

Note: If your organization uses role-based email addresses, and you need to change a role to a new member, please read the section on role-base emails above and following the steps as described instead of changing the existing contact information to the new member.

How do I remove a member?

Click on the 'More' (…) button in the member card and select the 'Remove member' option. A confirm screen will ask you to confirm the operation.

If the member will still remain a resource for the committee, you can optionally also use the 'Move to contacts' option. This way their contact information will remain available to other committee members.

What happens when I remove a member?

When you remove a member, the member's access to your committee portal is removed immediately. Removing a member from a committee will not affect their membership to other committees.
The member's historical contributions to your committee (like uploaded documents, comments, etc.) will remain available.

How can I remove a member from all committees?

If you want to remove a member from all committees at once, go to the organization home page and click the people tab. Find the member and click on the 'More'(…) button on the member card. Select the 'Remove member' option. A confirmation page will show all the committees this person is member of. Click 'Remove' to remove the member from all listed committees.

How can I add a member to the Past members page

Members are added to the past members page automatically when they are removed from the committee.

What do the icons mean behind each member?

The icons used in the membership table indicate the attributes of each member. Simply hover over each icon to view the description.