Help & FAQ

Ad hoc Meetings

What is 'Ad hoc meetings'?

'Ad hoc meetings' is a free tool for registered mycommittee users to schedule meetings without committee involvement (no fixed membership). You can use it for all occasions where you just need a single meeting with a group of people.
Surprise your participants with a professional looking 'online' agenda (and meeting minutes afterwards).


Schedule a meeting in 4 easy steps:
1. Enter the meeting date/time and location
2. Add participants
3. Enter the agenda items
4. Distribute the agenda

It's very easy and intuitive. You can print the agenda for participants without access to the Internet or email.
Just try it for your next meeting!

Can meeting participants see the online agenda and minutes?

Absolutely! When you distribute the agenda, every participant will get a personalized email with a link to the online agenda. The first time only, the participant will be asked to confirm their email and enter a password for future access.
When you distribute the minutes afterwards, another email with a link to the online meeting minutes is sent to each participant.

I can't attach documents to my Other meetings. Do I need to pay for this?

There is no special subscription for 'my other meetings'. The file storage available with any subscription plan is shared automatically with my other meetings.