Help & FAQ


What are messages? How can we use them?

You can compare messages to email but much more convenient. Unlike emails, messages are kept together by subject and this makes it very easy to read and re-read the entire thread. 

Another major advantage of using messages over email is that all your private communication regarding this committee, board or group stays together, can be retrieved very fast, searched and never gets lost between your other regular emails.

Similar to most email clients you can view a list of received and sent messages. A recycle bin is available for deleted messages.

What is the difference between messages and comments?

There are several differences between the purpose and use of messages and comments.
One of the main difference are the recipients:
You can select the recipients for each message from a list of members. You can choose to send a message to just one, two or more people at the same time. Only the selected people will receive the message (like an email)
Comments, on the other hand, are forum like discussions and all members can view them and join the discussion. Comments are mainly used to discuss agenda and minute items and can easily be attached to a meeting or agenda item but you can also use them to discuss any subject relevant to your organization.
The easiest way to remember the difference is that messages are like email and comments are like forum discussions.

Can I still modify a message after I sent it?

No, a message is like an email, after you click on 'send', the message is gone and appears in the receiver(s) inbox immediately. It can no longer be modified. 

How do I delete one or more messages?

Messages can be deleted by selecting the message (put a check-mark in the front) and click on the 'delete' link in the header. You can restore deleted messages from the 'Deleted messages' tab for up to 30 days. After 30 days, deleted messages are removed permanently!