Help & FAQ

Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, Agenda items, etc.

What is the difference between classic and wizard edit mode for agendas and minutes?

The only difference is the way the meeting is presented for editing. The classic edit mode shows everything on one page and the wizard mode breaks the agenda up in smaller parts and walks you through each section. It's just a matter of preference. Both options have identical capabilities.

You can toggle between the two modes by clicking the edit mode icon at the top of the edit page(*).
(*In wizard mode only visible on the first tab).

Why can I edit the RSVP section?

This is just a convenience feature and editing this section is optional. If you already know that someone can't make the meeting, you can indicate this already in the RSVP section. When members respond to the meeting invitation, this section will be updated automatically.

Can I change the agenda template used for new meetings?

Yes, please see the agenda template help in the Committee settings for details on changing the default template. In the committee settings, you will find several other options to change the formatting and style of your agendas and minutes.

Can I customize the header and footer of an agenda?

Yes, please see the agenda headers and footers help in the Committee settings for details on customizing the agenda format. In the committee settings, you will find several other options to change the formatting and style of your agendas and minutes.

How do I skip an agenda item (exclude) just for one meeting?

When you edit the agenda you will notice a checkbox in front of each agenda item. Simply uncheck the box and the item will not show up on the final agenda for this meeting. The history and all edits ever made to this item will remain intact.
You can do the same with an entire section of the agenda. If you uncheck the checkbox in front of a section name, the entire section will be hidden for this meeting only.

When are requested agenda items removed from the list?

Requested items will remain on the list until they are either deleted by the chair or committee admin (declined) or added to an agenda.

What is the difference between a deferred and a parked agenda item?

When an item was not completed during the meeting you can either defer or park it. The only difference is that deferred items have a due date and parked items have not. It's the responsibility of the chair to make sure the group agrees on how to proceed with unfinished business. You can agree to defer to the next meeting, to a certain date or park (table) the item until further notice. In any case, the item will not be forgotten and will show up when you will edit future agendas. It can be included again with a simple click.

How do I change the meeting date once I have created the agenda?

You can always change the meeting date, time, location, etc.
1. On the 'meetings' page select the 'edit agenda' link from the meeting you want to change.
2. On the agenda page click the 'change' [meeting info] link and modify the date
3. Save your changes
4. Distribute the agenda again to notify your members of the changed date

You can insert a note in the notification email if you want.

How do I delete a meeting?

Click the 'More' button (…) of the meeting you want to delete and select the 'Delete' option. A confirmation dialog will popup asking if you are sure. Click 'Ok' to delete the meeting
If you deleted a meeting by mistake you can go to the recycle bin and restore the meeting. All details and attached items will be restored.
Deleted meetings stay in the recycle bin for 30 days. After 30 days, deleted meetings are automatically and permanently purged.

How do I create meeting minutes?

On the main meetings page, click the 'More' button (…) of the meeting and select 'Create minutes'. Because you are now changing the status of the meeting from agenda to minutes, the system will automatically create a PDF version of the final agenda for your records.
The create minutes link will only show up a little while before the meeting starts. This will allow you to enter the minutes online during or after the meeting (but not before!). If the meeting starts earlier than scheduled, and you don't see the minutes link, simply change the meeting time in the agenda to reflect the actual meeting date/time and the create minutes link will show up.

Please note: Once you start to create the minutes you can no longer go back and change the agenda!

I can no longer attach documents to a meeting or agenda item?

This can happen for a few reasons.

  1. You are running out of disk space.
  2. Your subscription has expired

In both cases we suggest to contact your administrator to verify.

Do guests have access to my committee? Can they see the online agenda?

In short, no. Guests will receive a personalized meeting notification email including a list of items they will be leading (if any) during the meeting but without the link to the online agenda. Your committee is private and only members can log in and review committee information.
Guests to a committee meeting will not receive a minutes notification email.
If required, you can provide your guests with a PDF version of the minutes.