Help & FAQ

Dashboard & Overview

What is a dashboard?

The dashboard is your main navigation hub. It shows the organization(s) you are part of and for each organization, all the committees you are a member of. The committee names are buttons you can click to navigate to the committee web site. Sometimes, a badge with a number will show up on a committee button. The number indicates the number of (new) items that need your attention for that committee.

In addition, there is a calendar that will show all meetings and events across your committees and organizations and a short list of the next upcoming events.

The dashboard is always accessible from the main menu (top left corner) on every page.

What items are listed on the overview page

The overview page is your main landing page in the committee portal. It will give you an at-a-glance overview of what is happening in that committee.

This is what you can expect on the overview page:

  • Committee bulletin board
  • A calendar showing scheduled meetings and events
  • Overdue and upcoming tasks
  • Upcoming events
  • Shortcuts to new comments, messages, etc.
  • Recent activity from all members

There are 2 'views' available. The activity view is the default and will show recent activities of other members. By clicking on the calendar icon in the header, you can switch to the calendar view. This view will not show recent activities but will focus on the calendar. Simply select the view you like most, your preference will be remembered automatically.

How does the bulletin board work

The committee bulletin board is a space where the committee admin or chair person can post notifications related to the committee. The board will only show up when there are notifications posted.

Can I go directly to a committee home page after I log in?

Yes, every user can choose where to go after log in. To change this setting click on 'profile' on the top of any page. Select the 'change' [personal preferences] link to choose either the dashboard or one of your committees as home page after you log in.