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Committee settings

  • How can I change a committee name?
  • What are Terms of Reference?
  • What is an agenda template?

Dashboard and overview

  • What is a dashboard?
  • What items are listed on the overview page?
  • Can I change where to go after login?

Meetings, agendas, etc.

  • How do I delete a meeting?
  • I can't enter the minutes of the meeting!
  • How do I change the meeting date?

Meeting packages

  • What is a meeting package?
  • How do I create meeting package
  • What file formats are supported?

Offline meetings.

  • What are offline meetings?
  • Can members see the results of a vote?
  • What is a meeting moderator?

Tasks & action items

  • What is a committee task?
  • How do I delete a task?
  • Can I create a task for someone else?


  • What are messages? How can we use them?
  • What is the difference between messages and comments?

Comments & notes

  • What are messages? How can we use them?
  • Can I still modify a comment after I post it?
  • How do I delete a comment?

Documents & file storage

  • I can no longer upload new files!
  • How much storage space do I have?
  • Can I store multiple versions?

Members & contacts

  • How do I add or delete a committee member?
  • What is a contact?
  • What is a committee admin?

Login & sign up

  • What is two-step verification?
  • How does two-step verification work?
  • How to log in with Google or Facebook?

Ad hoc meetings

  • What is 'Ad hoc meetings'?
  • Can participants see the online agenda?
  • I can no longer attach documents!


  • What are events?
  • Can events span multiple days?
  • Can I share a committee event?


  • What are announcements?
  • For how long are announcements visible?
  • I closed an announcement, Can I still see it?

Quick polls

  • What are quick polls?
  • Can people vote multiple times?
  • Can I see who voted?


  • What is a when-to-meet?
  • Do I get notified when people have voted
  • Can people change their availability?

Subscriptions & billing

  • Can I use mycommittee for free?
  • Is there a trial period?
  • How does the billing work?


  • How can I change the name of my organization?
  • How can I change the main contact?


  • Is mycommittee safe to use?
  • How does mycommittee keep on top of security?


  • Can we run mycommittee on our own servers?
  • Does mycommittee provide phone support?
  • I never receive notification emails!

Best practice Tips

mycommittee was designed with best practice in mind and you will find many tips an tricks when you visit other mycommittee content.

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