Help & FAQ


What is a When-to-meet?

A when-to-meet is like a quick poll but for meeting dates and times. Agreeing on a meeting date with a group of busy people is almost impossible. There never seems to be a time slot that works for everyone... This is specially hard when your team is distributed and you don't have access to everyone's calendars.

Creating a when-to-meet takes only seconds. Simply enter a meeting title, pick the possible meeting dates from a calendar and send a notification to members. Members can simply click a link in the email and indicate their availability with a few clicks. You can just pick the best day and time based on the feedback. (You can optionally specify a location for each option as well).

How can I add a new when-to-meet?

To add a when-to-meet, click on 'More' in the main committee portal menu and select the When-to-meet option.

When-to-meet is available with every paid subscription plan.

Can I see who responded and their availability?

Yes, all the details are available on the results page. Members can even leave a short message or suggest other dates if necessary

Do I get notified when members have voted?

Yes, you can choose when you get notified for each when-to-meet. (E.g. each time a member votes or once a day, etc.)

Can members change their availability?

Yes, live happens, until the poll is closed, members can change their availability.