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Quick polls

What are quick polls?

Quick polls are an easy and fast way to get feedback or votes from your entire team. It only takes a minute to setup a new poll and send a voting request to all members.

Simply type a question and possible answers, preview and send! You can see the intermediate results any time and will get a notification when all registered members submitted their vote

How can I add a new quick poll?

To add a committee event, click on 'More' in the main committee portal menu and select the Quick polls option.

Quick polls are available with every paid subscription plan.

Can people vote multiple times?

No, each registered member has only one vote. Once submitted, they can't vote again.

Can I see who voted and their result?

No, this is still something on our to-do list. At this time, quick polls are anonymous and with the results, you can only view the number of people that already have voted and how many didn't vote. Send a quick message to support if this is something you would like to be prioritized.

Can members see the result?

This is optional. By default, members cannot see the poll results. If you would like to enable this and allow everyone to see the results, simply check the box 'Members can view the result' when you create the poll.