Help & FAQ


How can I change the name of my organization?

Your organization name is used as the main header on the dashboard page. All committees will show up below this name. To change it, go to the organization home page by clicking the Home icon next to your organization name on the Dashboard page. Once on the home page, you will see your organization name in the top widget next to the main contact name. Click on the pencil icon to edit the name.

Note: The billing address has a field for organization name as well. This name can be different and will only be used on your invoice. To change the billing organization name, open the billing page by clicking on the Billing tab and click the pencil icon next to the billing address.

What is the role of the main contact?

The main contact is typically the person that initially signed up and introduced mycommittee to your organization but this can change. Any person in your organization that is a registered mycommittee user can become the main contact.

The main contact has admin privileges over the organization (subscription) and all committees and is typically responsible for maintaining the subscription and performing administrative tasks for the organization. The main contact can delegate administrative tasks to other Admin users.

How can I change the main contact?

Only admin users (including the main contact) can change the main contact. To change, go the organization home page. The main contact will show in the top widget. Click on the pencil icon to select a new main contact. The main contact must be a registered mycommittee user.

Our main contact has left the organization, how can we renew our subscription?

If there are other admin users, they can follow the guidelines above to select a new main contact. If there are no other admin users, the only way to change the main contact is by reaching out to our support team. Please provide all the details and they will be happy to help!

What else can an Admin user do?

Admin users at the organization level can perform many administrative tasks across committees and their members like creating new committees, deleting old committees, manage the committee settings, add and remove members, import members in bulk, etc. Furthermore this group of users can manage organization documents, publish organization wide announcements, add organization (non-committee related) events to calendars of committee members

(*Some features are only available with certain plans)

Can I copy committee settings between committees

Yes, to make setting up a new committee more efficient, you can copy committee settings from one committee to another. To do this, select the committees tab on the organization home page and find the committee from which you want to copy some or all of the settings (source). On that committee, click the '...' (more) button and select the option 'Copy settings'. A new page will show all the settings you can copy on the left side of the page, and a list of destination committees on the right side.

First, select all the settings you wish to copy from the source committee and then select where you want to copy to. You can select one or more destination committees (or all). Once you are satisfied with the selection click on 'Copy settings'. A confirmation page will open and show a summary of the selections you made. If all is correct, click on 'Copy settings' again and the settings will be copied.
Please be aware that this operation will overwrite the existing settings and cannot be undone!

What are organization documents?

Organization documents are documents that are automatically shared with all committees in your organization. Organization admin users only can upload organization documents.

Use this feature to share documents with all members of your organization regardless of the committee(s) they are member off. Examples are committee guidelines, meeting guidelines, forms, etc.

How can I find out how much storage space we're using?

Go to the organization home page (home button on the dashboard next to your organization name) and click the 'File storage' tab. On this page you will see a summary of the storage your organization is using in total and also broken down by organization, committee and generated PDF documents.

If you click on the 'Committees' tab, you can see the storage space used by each committee.

We're running out of storage space. How can we get more?

We recently introduced new plans and generously increased the available storage space with the hope that document storage would no longer be an issue for any organization. If you are still on an older plan, upgrading to the new version might be all you need. If you are already on a new plan and still need more space, please contact us here.

You can find all the details on our pricing page.

Can I customize the logo shown in the header of committee portals?

Yes, you can upload a logo at the organization level that will replace the default logo in all committee portals. Go to the organization home page and click the 'Logo' tab to upload your own logo. The recommended logo specifications will show on the upload page.

Once you upload a logo, the page will show a preview first. If it looks ok, you can accept the upload and the logo will be changed immediately across all committee portals. If you are not satisfied with the preview you can upload a different version or cancel the upload. In the last case, nothing will change.

Note that individual committees can upload their own logo. If a committee logo was uploaded in the committee settings, that logo will be used instead of the organization logo.