Help & FAQ


What are events?

An event is anything that is happening inside or outside of your organization and that you would like to put on member's calendars so they won't forget.

Events can be added at the committee level by any committee admin or at the organization level by an organization admin. Organization events can be published to all or selected committees in the organization.

When you add an event to a committee, the event will show up on the calendar of all members of that committee. Hovering over the event on the calendar will show a quick summary. Clicking on the event will open a new page showing all the event details.

The events feature is available starting from the Premium plan.

How can I add a new event?

To add a committee event, click on 'More' in the main committee portal menu and select the Events option. To add and organization event, go the to the organization home page and select the Events tab. You need to have admin privileges to create new events.

Events are available starting with the premium plan.

How long are events visible on the calendar?

When you create a new event you can specify from which date the event should be visible on member's calendars. You can prepare events in advance and only show them on the calendar starting from a specific date. Events will remain on the calendar until you delete the event.

Can events span multiple days?

Sure, when you create an event, simply click the 'All day' option and specify the start and end dates. The event will show as a multi-day event on people's calendars.

Can I share a committee event with other committees?

No, a committee event is visible to members of your committee only. If you want other committees to know about it, please ask your main organization contact to publish the event at the organization level. There you can specify the committees that should be included.