Help & FAQ


What are announcements?

An announcement is a message or notice to members of your organization. A committee admin can enter an announcement at the committee level for members of a specific committee only. (E.g. " All Budget reviews are due by the end of this month". An organization admin can publish announcements at the organization level that are visible to all members of the organization (E.g. "New meeting guidelines available in the organization documents area").

Announcements will show up at the top of the dashboard page to make sure all members will see them.

The announcements feature is available starting from the Premium plan.

How can I add a new announcement?

To add a committee announcement, click on 'More' in the main committee portal menu and select the Announcements option. To add and organization announcement, go the to the organization home page and select the Announcements tab. You need to have admin privileges to create new announcements.

Announcements are available starting with the premium plan.

How long are announcements visible

When you create a new announcement you can specify the start and end date the announcement will be displayed. You can prepare announcements in advance and they will show up only between the dates you entered. You can also choose to keep the announcement permanently visible during that time or allow users to acknowledge and hide the announcement.

I closed an announcement, can I still see it again?

Yes, as long as the announcement is published, you can always look at it again by clicking on 'Recent announcements' at the bottom right corner of the dashboard page.

After the publish date, the announcement will no longer be visible.

Can I share a committee announcement with the rest of the organization?

No, a committee announcement will show up to members of your committee only. If you want all committees to see the announcement, please ask your main organization contact to publish the announcement at the organization level.