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Committee and Meeting Best Practice

For many of us, the impression of a committee is "an (dis)organized group that keeps minutes and loses hours". While necessary in many instances, most people have problems achieving their objectives through committee work.

Best Practice advice for Committees and meetings

But it doesn't have to be this way!

mycommittee is dedicated to improving committee work for businesses, non-profit agencies and community groups through the use of simple best practice tools and advice.

We know that adherence to best practice and incremental improvements will have a significant impact on productivity and even recruitment and retention of committee members.

Best Practices are derived from real world experience of how to be successful in a particular endeavor. They are pragmatic, reputable & significantly push the boundary of common methods and approaches. In this section you will find many articles written by specialists with hands-on experience in committee and meeting organization, processes, and procedures. Eventually we will open up our Best Practice wiki (BP) so that you can add your insights. Check back regularly because we are adding new articles all the time!

Our best practice experience focuses mostly around two broad topics: Committees and Meetings.

Committees can be standing, ongoing, or ad-hoc; to accomplish something specific and then be disbanded. Meetings, can be called as part of the committee process or called to accomplish one or more objectives.

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mycommittee is devoted to sharing best practice advice on our portal. If you have any tips or advice from your committees or meetings, anything you want to share with other people please let us know so we can incorporate it in our web pages.

If you are missing something please let us know too so we can research and add new subjects

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