Best Practices, Tips & Info for Committees

Committees are often viewed as inefficient and unproductive but are still one of the main tools for making decisions in most organizations. They are at the top of the organizational pyramid and it should be clear that any, even small, improvements at this level will trickle down and benefit the entire organization.

Best practice is by definition a proven methodology or technique to most reliably get to the desired result. A commitment to implementing best practice means a commitment to use all knowledge and technology available to be successful.

In the next sections you will find a lot of articles written by specialists with hands-on experience in committee and meeting organization, processes and procedures. In addition there are many links to external resources. Together these resources make mycommittee your first stop when you need committee management information.

About Committees

In this section you will find articles about different types of committees, purpose and role of committees.

Starting a committee

You are asked to create a new committee or to take over a committee for the first time. What do you need? Where do you start?

Chairing a committee

There is more to chairing a committee than simply organizing meetings. How to run efficient meetings and keep your members motivated, how do you know you are still on track, how to solve conflicts and much more...

Implementing best practice

You are managing a committee for a long time already but feel you should be able to get more out of it. Changing some old habits might be required.

Tools and Templates

You're not alone! There is a lot of material and tools available to help you with managing your committee and meetings and make your live a lot easier.

Policies and Procedures

For many committees, policies and procedures are the only reason for their existence. Some committees are just tasked with the development and maintenance of policies and procedures. Reason enough to dedicate a special section to this subject.

Other information

Here you can find publications, books and other useful links and information that doesn't fit in any of the other categories. Make sure to visit our committee jokes section!


Evaluate, evaluate,...

Regular evaluations ensure that the terms of reference are being followed and that you are achieving your goals.
Evaluations may also allow a committee to address a possible need for revision of terms of reference, ensure effective leadership and allow member turnover.
It should be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis.