Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Started: 6:00 PM Ended: 8:00 PM
Rescue 8
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
VbRescueCouncil President
Minuted rec. by:
VbRescueCouncil Secretary
Minutes approved


Julie Barnes, Chief Ed Brazle, David Coulling, Richard Doub, Chris Florio, Nancy Gregory, Tom Harp, Bobby Hill, Bob Jasinowski, Jay Kerr, Tom Kiernan, Tom Kiernan, John Ormond, VbRescueCouncil President, Jim Rose, VbRescueCouncil Secretary, Deputy Chief Jason Stroud, VbRescueCouncil Treasurer, VbRescueCouncil VicePresident
Debi Leonard
Mike Bradberry, Debbie Coley-Mills, Chris Daly, Joan Davis, Chris Dozier, Eric Hoyt, Kevin Lipscomb, Megan Richardson, Erica Waldron
Invited guests:
Diane Ball (Absent), Kevin Gutermuth (Absent), Michael Rahuba (Absent), Joel Rubin (present), Travis Smith (present)

Meeting documents



1. Call to order

1.A. Attendance

Status: Completed

1.B. Review Agenda

Status: Completed

1.C. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

Richard, Nancy

Approved - Unanimous

Resolution #:


Status: Carried

1.D. Rock the Squads Update

Rock the Squads - 5/7 goal is to get as many volunteers as possible at noon.

get a lunch/ Beach Bully, T Shirt, 

Up to the Hill - 1300 - for drone photo - interviews.

Invited to bring ambulances, kids activities

1430 - 1700 - rock band

The City is sponsoring the thing. Official Invitation signed by all of Council, et al

Announced at Fish Night by the Mayor. So it's on.

Has posters to put up in stations. Need to get them to all Squads and smaller fliers.

Please start to spread the word.

We are getting sponsors to defray costs and cover all costs. Food is covered by DEMS.

Parks and Rec cooperating nicely. Site plan is being worked on.

So far, things going great.

Everyone is on board with a good reaction.

The key is getting everyone there.

Working with News Media

Goal is an iconic picture that will last forever.

Rescue is the only thing all of Council agrees on - Jim Wood

What kind of band - Deloreans? other? 

Parking - satellite? Buses? Coastal?

Please send possible sponsors on? on shirt on signage on posters - Sentara is largest sponsor so far ($10K)

Joel will send out jpeg of posters.

Look for cheerleader video of rock the squads.

Facebook event? new PIO?


Status: Deferred: 2/15/2017

1.E. Department of EMS report, Q&A

Awards May 25th

City approved grant $249K for Matthew abulances - looking at future budgeting for replacement - both Squads are whole

2/7 - vote to buy Adult Learning Center - (reach out to support if we can) FD to present plan for lift assist charges, but it is not up for a vote, yet.

Lots of conversion to be done - It is gone to be nice eventually - looking for sponsors - there will be enough money, but they will be seeking support - training and offices.

Fish Night - 800 RSVPed - 500 showed up success

Assembling Apparatus Committee

Admin and Capt spots open

Still tweaking intake process - looking at length of service calculation - moving to start with orange badge - looking more front loading of classes and orientation - setting better expectations - 34% of students since Academy 1 made it to certification - 

2016 - 440 AICs - up from 422 (active) plus 25% on leave

236 in class or interns - last year was 131 

Budget - submitted now - going to deputy city manager - budget office slices - next week present to city manager - asked for training - intake is the clog - wokring on infrastructure - stealing money from other places. Also hurts BLS CEUs. (Books, proctors, instructors) asking for 50K and a full instructor. Asked for 6 FTE Medics - asked for financial specialist - asked for OPVRS utilities to be paid. Top goal is training, then medics. Trying to meet the goal to 14 ambulances. Working all ways to get there. 

Policy changes - clean up to get names right - housekeeping. Big changes will be announced as required.

Dave Couling - 911 Abuse - Stroud - let us know. One of the things we are working on is a knowledge campaign with the facilities. Wants to hit the big hitters first. We will be soon able to flag any call for review.

Dave Couling - Another Retreat? Brazle - on RADAR, not is 6 months. Still looking at stategic planning.

Richard Doub - are we calling private services? - How can we report on it? Can supervisors track it?

Stroud - we are going to nursing homes, we are in EMS, when they are available and appropriate. New CAD will help, but supervisors take a lot on their back to defer a call. Wants to split out the calls that are intentionally fabricated to get us in.


Status: Completed

1.E.1. Member Classification Changes

Request to Chief Brazle to update the Council of forthcoming changes.

Associate Policy - must work for ALS agency, but must have 2 years, 

Member classifications:

Regular 5 (active years)

Senior 5-20

Tenured 20+

College Students full time - greater than 50 miles away

EVMS breaks

Squad Commanders - reduced 2 duties

Asst Squad - reduced 1 duties

On the Web - not announced yet

(add link)

Status: Completed

1.F. Treasurer's report

How much data do we want?

Invoices from last year? This year?


TH - as detailed as is possible, Invoices - up for suggestions - 

Leave outstanding for now. Send new invoices now. (First of the year)

Check account has been transferred. Credit card canceled. Dave is finding his way through it and making progress.

The other thing - tech soup is created. Planning to buy Quickbooks for $50.


Status: Completed

1.G. President's report

We need officer Leadership Training - Assistant Chiefs tasked with sorting what the Squads needs. We need more professional standards. 


Status: Completed

1.H. Coordinator reports

Status: Completed

1.H.1. Foundation Recruitment Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.H.2. Ambient Carbon Monoxide Detector Coordinator

Finalizing inventory. Buying more. Turned over to City Officially.

Status: Completed

1.H.3. Recruitment Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.H.4. Explorer Post Liaison

Status: Completed

1.I. Best practices

Status: Completed

1.I.1. Supply Council Report

Working with Travis (R14), to look at Observer Vests

TEMS is not updated for Cap Canualae.


Status: Completed

1.I.2. Uniform Procurment

Status: Completed

2. Unfinished business

2.A. Totaled Squad Owned Assets

Units to be made whole.

Status: Completed

2.B. Ambulance Committee

Chief Green looking at everything about Ambulances (Task Force) - asking for representatives to serve. 

Will have a RC rep, but all Squads will be asked to particcipate.

Status: Completed

2.C. Bylaws Review

Status: Completed

2.C.1. Bylaws Committee

Dave Coulling, Chris Florio, Richard Doub, Debi Leonard, Jay Kerr

Status: Not Started

3. New business

3.A. Burton Station





Harp - R14 announced that they would staff the New Burton Station Station, (Early 2019). Sr. Leadership was blindsided. 

It is a priority to staff with volunteers. 

It needs to be collaborative.

There was lively debate.

Status: Deferred: 2/15/2017

3.A.1. Design Committee Involvement

It is resolved that Rescue Council request design involvement with all current or future station remodels or designs which impact Volunteer Rescue Squads.



Resolution #:

Moved: Richard Doub
Seconded: Debi Leonard

Status: Carried

3.B. RC Rep designations

Status: Completed

4. Closing business

4.A. Station reports

Status: Completed

4.B. Date Next Meeting

Status: Completed

4.B.1. Next Meeting March 15th

Status: Completed

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