Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Started: 6:00 PM Ended: 8:32 PM
Rescue 8
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
VbRescueCouncil President
Minuted rec. by:
VbRescueCouncil Secretary
Minutes approved


Chief Ed Brazle, Debbie Coley-Mills, David Coulling, Richard Doub, Chris Florio, Deputy Chief Tom Green, Tom Harp, Bobby Hill, Jay Kerr, Tom Kiernan, Ed Leonard, Kevin Lipscomb, John Ormond, VbRescueCouncil President, Jim Rose, VbRescueCouncil Secretary, VbRescueCouncil Treasurer, VbRescueCouncil VicePresident, Bill Walker
Julie Barnes, Mike Bradberry, Chris Daly, Joan Davis, Chris Dozier, Nancy Gregory, Eric Hoyt, Bob Jasinowski, Debi Leonard, Megan Richardson, Katherine Taylor, Erica Waldron
Invited guests:
Diane Ball (Absent), John Doub (Absent), Kevin Gutermuth (Absent), Michael Rahuba (Absent), BRANT SCHULTHEIS (present), Josh Sloan (present), Travis Smith (present), AARON STAUFFENBERG (present)

Meeting documents



1. Call to order

1.A. Attendance

Status: Completed

1.B. Review Agenda

Status: Completed

1.C. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

1st- Jim Rose

2nd - Richard Doub

No discussion - unanimous carry

Status: Completed

1.D. Department of EMS report, Q&A

Staffing is Up

Working on Budget

Working to sustain and stabilize training

Looking toward a new EMS Admin/Training building - old Adult Learning Center near Central Library

Working on process/duty requirements

Please take survey - about 300 responses so far.

Status: Completed

1.D.1. Member Classification Changes

Request to Chief Brazle to update the Council of forthcoming changes.

Status: Completed

1.E. Treasurer's report

Status: Completed

1.F. President's report

Status: Completed

1.F.1. Explorer Post Sponsor Meeting

Met with BSA rep, Dana Mott. Will defer to Jay Kerr for more update on Explorer Post.

Status: Completed

1.G. Coordinator reports

Status: Completed

1.G.1. Foundation Recruitment Coordinator

Pipeline contains over 320 people. Looking for continued success in 2017. Approved by google for grant to include $10,000/month in ad word and other online placement.

Still pushing ride alongs. (Brazle - Keep pushing it)

Tom Green - Classes starting with 50 people. Concerned about full classes pushing people out too far. Looking at a pre-operations track and trying to find more things to do to keep people engaged. 

Bobby Hill asked for confirmation on how long the EMT class is now.

Status: Completed

1.G.2. BLS Academy Luncheon Coordinator

No report on halfway lunch. Need to re-evaluate.

Jay Kerr to discuss with Training Center Staff to see what options there may be.

Status: Completed

1.G.3. Multi-squad Fund Drive Coordinator

Has gone out for the Fall. Awaiting results.

Kevin Lipscomb noted that all are now able to use OscarTRACK for tracking. Contact him for set up and training.

Status: Completed

1.G.4. Ambient Carbon Monoxide Detector Coordinator

We did get grant to update stock as needed. We would like to get with City Staff to handle distribution of monitors.

Ed Brazle will look into it. Tom Green asked if we had a process in place.

Status: Completed

1.G.5. Recruitment Coordinator


Status: Completed

1.G.6. Explorer Post Liaison


Status: Completed

1.G.7. EMS Week Coordinator

No Report

Status: Completed

1.H. Best practices

Status: Completed

1.H.1. Asset Insurance

Insurance Presentation by Chesterfield Insurers (Mark Vermeern and Kevin Duck)

Discussion of ways to insure and transfer risk.

Can we cover just physical damage or must we carry liability too?

$2500 - 5000 deductible (Doub - How high can the deductible be?)

Can we still use City Garage for repairs with independent insurance?

Agreed Value Basis and All Risk Coverage

Do we have any organization with a program (VAVRS)?


Status: Completed

2. Unfinished business

2.A. 2017 Budget Proposal

Discussed the budget as presented with no conclusions. Will be further discussed in December.

Status: Completed

2.A.1. Motion to set Rescue Council Dues

Motion to set Rescue Council dues at a flat fee of $300 for coming year 2017.

3 Aye

2 Nay

3 Abstentions

Resolution #:

Moved: Tom Harp
Seconded: Jay Kerr

Status: Carried

3. New business

3.A. Totaled Squad Owned Assets

Tom Harp met with the Mayor who was surprised that we are not covered. The Mayor gave his word that we would be made whole.

Squads impacted by Hurricane Matthew are applying for emergency grants.

Status: Completed

3.A.1. Motion to form ambulance committee

Kevin Lipscomb will work to set up next meeting. 

Resolution #:

Moved: Richard Doub
Seconded: Ed Leonard

Status: Carried

3.B. Nominating Committee

Richard Doub to chair, John Ormond, Ed Leonard

Status: Parked

3.C. EZ IO Needles

Cannot get them from ER.

Who pays for expired needles?

Chief Brazle will follow up with Leigh/TEMS on restock?

Supply Council?

Status: Parked

4. Closing business

4.A. Station reports

Status: Completed

4.B. Date Next Meeting

Status: Completed

4.B.1. Next Meeting December 21st

Status: Completed

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