Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Started: 6:00 PM Ended: 7:30 PM
Rescue 8
Regular scheduled meeting
Chaired by:
VbRescueCouncil President
Minuted rec. by:
VbRescueCouncil Secretary
Minutes approved


Chief Ed Brazle, Debbie Coley-Mills, David Coulling, Deputy Chief Tom Green, Tom Harp, Bobby Hill, Jay Kerr, Kevin Lipscomb, VbRescueCouncil President, Jim Rose, VbRescueCouncil Secretary, Deputy Chief Jason Stroud, VbRescueCouncil Treasurer, Bill Walker
Julie Barnes, Mike Bradberry, Chris Daly, Joan Davis, Richard Doub, Chris Dozier, Chris Florio, Nancy Gregory, Eric Hoyt, Bob Jasinowski, Debi Leonard, John Ormond, Megan Richardson, VbRescueCouncil VicePresident, Erica Waldron
Invited guests:
Diane Ball (Absent), John Doub (present), Pete Gonzalez (present), Kevin Gutermuth (Absent), Michael Rahuba (present), Travis Smith (present)

Meeting documents

2 documents attached to agenda items below


1. Call to order

1.A. Attendance

Status: Completed

1.B. Review Agenda

Status: Completed

1.C. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

Status: Completed

1.D. Department of EMS report, Q&A

  • The Chief gave a prepared powerpoint presentation (attached).

Status: Completed

1.E. Treasurer's report


Status: Completed

1.F. President's report

  • President Harp welcomed new EMS Chief Ed Brazle and the new Deputy Chiefs Jason Stroud and Tom Green.
  • President Harp reviewed the interview process that resulted in the selection of Ed Brazle as the new EMS Chief.
  • Interviews for the open Division Chief positions will occur on August 11th.
  • The City Manager has made it clear that bold and drastic changes are needed.
  • The VBRS Foundation will pay entrance fees for the upcoming Oct 5-8 Heroes Games, described at:
  • Foundation grant deadline is October 3rd and status reports for prior grant cycle are required beforehand.I
  • If you are applying for a RSAF grant, contact DEMS no less than 30 prior to due date of grant for their information you need to submit a grant.

Status: Completed

1.G. Coordinator reports

Status: Completed

1.G.1. Foundation Recruitment Coordinator

1.G.2. BLS Academy Luncheon Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.G.3. Multi-squad Fund Drive Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.G.4. Ambient Carbon Monoxide Detector Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.G.5. Recruitment Coordinator

Recruitment packs will be available for pickup on Thursday the 28th.

Status: Completed

1.G.6. Explorer Post Liaison

Status: Completed

1.G.7. EMS Week Coordinator

Status: Completed

2. Unfinished business

3. New business

3.A. PROPOSAL to charter a Rescue Council Next Generation Standardized Medical Jump Bag Committee


  • There is still an opportunity to reduce the number of common medical jump bag solutions in the Virginia Beach Emergency Response System from three (ambulance, zone car, and fire department) to one, and doing so will improve patient care;
  • There are opportunities to substantially reduce the cost, weight, complexity, and procurement limitations of the current "standardized ambulance jump bag";

Therefore, we:

1. Establish a Rescue Council Next Generation Standardized Medical Jump Bag Committee whose charter shall be to:

  1. First, secure official commitments from each rescue squad, from the Virginia Beach EMS Department, and from the Virginia Beach Fire Department to join together in good faith to select a Standardized Medical Jump Bag to use going forward.
  2. Then, to review medical jump bag solutions currently in use in our system, review other off-the-shelf mass-produced medical jump bag solutions currently available in the market, and select one make/model/configuration that will be operationally and economically sustainable as the Standardized Medical Jump Bag for general use on ambulances, zone cars, engines, ladders, and fire-rescues going forward.
  3. To report its findings to Rescue Council, which upon approval shall report the findings to each Rescue Squad, to the EMS Chief, and to the Fire Chief.

2. Direct the Rescue Council President to nominate an individual to chair this committee, to be approved by Rescue Council.


Status: Completed

3.B. PROPOSAL to place Best Practices sessions on the agenda

Subject:     Agenda Item
Date:     Mon, 27 Jun 2016 17:46:01 +0000
From:     David Coulling Admin

I would like to add an agenda item for the next meeting of 15 minutes and then to each of the meetings afterwards (if all agrees) to pick a topic of "Best Practices" for each meeting and then to have a round table discussion about what each squad does good or bad.

First meeting would be to talk about it and then to pick a topic for the next meeting. At each meeting a topic would be picked for the next meeting so everyone will have time to prepare.


David Coulling
Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad
Board of Directors
Life Member


Status: Completed

3.C. Next BEST PRACTICES discussion

Procurement of supplies

Status: Parked

4. Closing business

4.A. Station reports

Secretary Lipscomb asked that the Squads share with RC what they plan to ask for from RSAF grants so that an attempt may be made to ensure that the regional TEM's grant committee does not view individual applications as a duplication in local requests.

Status: Completed

4.B. Date Next Meeting

Status: Completed

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