Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Started: 6:00 PM Ended: 7:30 PM
Charlton Hall, Rescue 14, 740 Va Beach Blvd
Regular meeting
Chaired by:
VbRescueCouncil President
Minuted rec. by:
VbRescueCouncil Secretary
Minutes approved


Chief Ed Brazle, Debbie Coley-Mills, Tom Harp, Bobby Hill, Bob Jasinowski, Jay Kerr, Ed Leonard, Kevin Lipscomb, John Ormond, VbRescueCouncil President, VbRescueCouncil Secretary, VbRescueCouncil Treasurer, Erica Waldron, Bill Walker
Richard Doub
Mike Bradberry, David Coulling, Joan Davis, Chris Dozier, Chris Florio, Nancy Gregory, Eric Hoyt, Debi Leonard, Megan Richardson, Jim Rose, VbRescueCouncil VicePresident
Invited guests:
Diane Ball (Absent), John Doub (Absent), Derek Fuller (present), Kevin Gutermuth (Absent), David Keeler (present), Scott Lepper (present), Michael Rahuba (Absent), Travis Smith (Late)

Meeting documents

1 document attached to an agenda item below


1. Call to order

1.A. Attendance

Per notification to the Secretary from Rescue 4 Primary Representative Deb Leonard, Ed Leonard is acting as Rescue 4's alternate representative for this meeting.

Status: Completed

1.B. Review Agenda

Status: Completed

1.C. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

Status: Completed

1.D. Department of EMS report, Q&A

  • A new BLS Academy has been scheduled to start in July.  The goal is to have at least six night and one day academies each year.
  • There will be an Advanced EMT class this Fall (taught by TCC at TCC but class will only include VB EMS students).
  • The newly-approved city budget included an EMS marketing/communications specialist, four additional career medic positions, and design money for the Burton Station facility.
  • Each squad is requested to please submit a badge to be mounted on the EMS Wall at the Training Center.

Status: Completed

1.E. Treasurer's report

Status: Completed

1.F. President's report

  • Need to have questions (one per squad) for Chief candidates and squad reps (one per squad) decided in time for interview process.
  • Human-interest stories (about rescues) are always needed for the Rescue Lines newsletter.  Please ask your members to keep this in mind and to inform you, President Harp, or Ashley Martin at Rubin Communications directly.
  • It's very important for every squad to have a good showing (in uniform or otherwise) at the Department Awards Ceremony at 18:00 Wednesday 18 May at the Training Center.

Status: Completed

1.G. Coordinator reports

Status: Completed

1.G.1. Foundation Recruitment & Retention Coordinator

  • Hope to have representatives from more stations at the Lynnhaven Mall recruitment event on May 14th.  The best representatives for this job have outgoing personalities as opposed to being more introverted.

Status: Completed

1.G.2. BLS Academy Luncheon Coordinator

There may be a Halfway There Luncheon on June 11th.

Status: Completed

1.G.3. Multi-squad Fund Drive Coordinator

  • On track to reach people's mailboxes no later than Monday May 16th.
  • The campaign will reach 102,000-103,000 targets.
  • Members have been identified for all available media spot opportunities.
  • Price-per-piece was just 45 cents -- a record low for this program -- probably because the US Postal Service has temporarily reduced postage prices.
  • Rescues 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, and 14 participated.

Status: Completed

1.G.4. Ambient Carbon Monoxide Detector Coordinator

On track.

Status: Completed

1.G.5. Recruitment Coordinator

Status: Completed

1.G.6. Explorer Post Liaison

Status: Completed

1.G.7. EMS Week Coordinator

Each squad is asked to arrange to receive and secure their EMS Week bags at their station Sunday afternoon/evening.

Status: Completed

2. Unfinished business

3. New business

4. Closing business

4.A. Station reports

Status: Completed

4.B. Date Next Meeting

18:00 Wednesday 20 July 2016 at Rescue 8

Status: Completed

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