Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Special meeting
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Started: 6:00 PM Ended: 7:30 PM
Charlton Hall, Rescue 14, 740 Va Beach Blvd
Special meeting with City Manager Dave Hansen
Chaired by:
VbRescueCouncil President
Minuted rec. by:
VbRescueCouncil Secretary
Minutes approved


Chief Ed Brazle, Debbie Coley-Mills, David Coulling, Joan Davis, Richard Doub, Chris Florio, Deputy Chief Tom Green, Nancy Gregory, Tom Harp, Korinne Islam, Bob Jasinowski, Jay Kerr, Kevin Lipscomb, John Ormond, VbRescueCouncil President, Jim Rose, VbRescueCouncil Secretary, Deputy Chief Jason Stroud, VbRescueCouncil Treasurer, VbRescueCouncil VicePresident, Bill Walker
Bobby Hill
Mike Bradberry, Chris Dozier, Eric Hoyt, Debi Leonard, Megan Richardson, Erica Waldron
Invited guests:
Nick Askew (present), Diane Ball (present), John Doub (Absent), Kevin Gutermuth (Absent), David Hansen (present), Patrick Henry (present), Ellen McBride (present), Michael Rahuba (Absent), Josh Sloan (Absent)

Meeting documents



1. Call to order

1.A. Attendance

Status: Completed

1.B. Review Agenda

Status: Completed

1.C. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting


Status: Completed

1.D. President's report

  • Theresa Ashcraft (581-0939) will be stuffing EMS Week goody bags on Sunday May 15th from 1100-1200 and needs the squads to send helpers and to retrieve their bags.  Please get in touch with her to let her know what arrangements your squad will make.

Status: Completed

1.E. Department of EMS report, Q&A

Information from Interim Chief Brazle:

  • Dept Awards Ceremony on May 18th.
  • Workshop this Saturday.

The chair then yielded the floor to City Manager Dave Hansen, who addressed the body and answered several questions over the next 90 minutes or so.

Status: Completed

2. New business

3. Closing business

3.A. Date Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for the alternative time of 6pm Wednesday May 11th, at Rescue 14, so as not to conflict with the Department Awards Ceremony.

Status: Completed

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