Quick Tour Getting up and running

What is mycommittee?

mycommittee allows you to create and share indexed meeting agendas, minutes and documents and provides your members with a central location to collaborate and stay connected between meetings.
It is designed especially for committees, boards or other groups that have regular and recurring meetings.

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It just takes a minute to create and start using your mycommittee web site!

How does it work?

The meeting process is built-into mycommittee and the following diagram shows a basic meeting cycle.
(but the easiest way to see how it works is to sign up and try it for yourself!)

Committee meeting cycle

How to get started?

Create a mycommittee web site

After you sign up, simply provide the name of your board, committee or organization and click on 'create'. You will be redirected to your new web site automatically where you can modify settings like Name, Terms of reference, Agenda template, etc.

Add people

Add contact and functional information for all members. Send an introduction with a link to mycommittee to all members by email or combine this with the first meeting notification later.
Only members can access your mycommittee web site.

Create your first agenda

Schedule a meeting, add guests, attach meeting documents and add agenda items with just a few clicks by using the built-in agenda wizard. Once distributed, members can access the agenda and RSVP online by clicking the link in the meeting notification email.

Once your private site is up and running, members can login, view, share and contribute from any device with Internet access, at their own pace and at any time that works best for them.

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