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Ad Hoc Meetings

Based on the same easy-to-use agenda and minutes wizards, 'Ad Hoc Meetings' is an extra (and always free) feature of mycommittee and is designed for times when just a single meeting is sufficient.

No setup or configuration required

Click on the 'Ad hoc meetings' button on the dashboard to get started. The main window will show you a list of all your meetings. Select 'New Meeting' to schedule a single meeting. In a few simple steps the agenda wizard will guide you through the process of creating a professional looking agenda for your participants:

  1. Enter the date/time/purpose of the meeting or suggest possible meeting dates 
  2. Add the people you want to invite
  3. Upload/attach meeting documents
  4. Enter the agenda items
  5. Distribute the agenda

The notification email is personalized and will include a list of all items the recipient will be leading during the meeting. Participants can open the online agenda and immediately confirm their availability or RSVP online.

After the meeting you can quickly convert the agenda into meeting minutes. The minutes wizard will guide you step by step again. All items will be pre-populated and you just need to enter the key discussions and decisions for each item. When you are ready, mycommittee will send a notification email to all your participants with a link to the online minutes.

An easy way to create a professional looking agenda and minutes for your meetings. Participants can download and print a pdf version of the agenda and/or minutes if they like.

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