Run effective boards and committees

Manage boards, committees and other groups that meet regularly and make decisions.

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Committee Management

For modern boards and committees


Set meeting dates, create indexed agendas, schedule meetings

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Start group discussions, review agenda items and documents

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Share selected assets with parent/sub-committees or the public

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Create structured meeting minutes and follow up on action items and tasks

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Why mycommittee?

  • Makes managing a board or committee really easy
  • Members have secure access to all information and tools to make shared and informed decisions
  • Making every meeting count is our passion

How does mycommittee work?




"mycommittee is the best online tool for creating online agendas and minutes"

-- Bakari Chavanu for MakeUseOff

Available on all your devices

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mycommittee provides an easy and secure solution to get your board or committee to the next level

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