What's new in mycommittee 4?

In this new release we again focused mostly on user experience. We redesigned the user interface to be available across all platforms and we also created a set of instructional videos to make sure users can get up to speed fast.

  • The site was completely redesigned to make it available on any device and any browser. Many pages have been redesigned from the ground up to make them easier to use on different screen sizes so you always have the important information at your fingertips regardless of the device you are using.
    You can now, for instance, simply click on an email notification link on your phone, your favorite browser will open and will bring you right to the information you want to see. You can accept meeting requests, reply to comments, view documents, etc. without the need of switching devices. There are no apps to download and upgrade. Everything should just work smoothly together.

  • In our continuous effort to make mycommittee easier and easier to use, we made many smaller improvements in each area of the application. We added a few requested features and also fixed several bugs.

  • With the new release, we also provided a complete suite of video tutorials demonstrating how users can get the most out of their experience. Users can access the instructional videos on YouTube or on the mycommittee site.

We hope you will enjoy the new updates!

The mycommittee team

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