What's new in mycommittee 5?

In this latest release we focused on some major infrastructure changes that will allow us to build new features faster, better and more secure. We have upgraded our servers and technology to the latest standards and the results can already be experienced in a few areas.
We also made some significant improvements to security. Protecting your privacy and information is our number one priority!

  • The Dashboard and Overview pages were redesigned from the ground up to make them more useful and intuitive.
    - The Calendars on both pages are brand new and show both meetings and tasks. Tasks that are completed will show up in green and tasks that still need your attention in orange.
    - The meeting and task labels in the calendars are now buttons that show more details when you hover over them and will redirect you to the correct page immediately when clicked. Switching between months is much faster than before.
  • Committees and organizations can now post their own announcements on the dashboard page. Announcements can be published at the committee level for all members of a specific committee or at the organization level, visible for members of all committees.
    Organization level announcements can be entered in the account management area. Committee level announcements can be entered from both the account management or the committee settings areas.
  • Several new security features are in place to bring mycommittee up to the latest security standards and protect your privacy and information. Some of the new features that are visible to all users are Two-Step Verification and External Login using Google and Facebook. Both features are meant to protect your account and login information.
    - Two-Step Verification allows you to protect your account with an extra piece of security info that only you can provide.
    - The External login feature allows you to login in mycommittee without having to create a local account and password.

  • In our continuous effort to make mycommittee easier to use, we made many smaller improvements in different areas of the application and also fixed several bugs. More improvements and features are on the way.

As always, we hope you will enjoy the new updates!

- The mycommittee team