Policy Template

Insert Name of Manual or Policy Section

Issued by: Human Resources

Authorized by: Executive Team

Category: Occupational Health and Safety

Name of Policy: Code of Conduct Policy

Effective Date: Insert date policy was approved

Revision Date: Insert date policy was/needs to be reviewed (preferably every 2 years)


Value Statement (optional)

The XXX organization values a culture of respect and integrity and....

Purpose (describe why this policy is being created i.e. legislative requirement, employee safety etc...)

This policy will ensure that....

Scope (who will the policy apply to and in what circumstances)

This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, students etc...

Policy Statement (describe what is expected, mandatory, required etc...)

When working at XXX organization, staff, volunteers, students will....

Procedures (outline necessary steps of how you will achieve the objectives of the policy; identify who will be responsible for those steps and who monitors compliance with the policy statement)



Definitions (define key terms contained in the policy)

References (inclue any reference material that was used to create and support your policy)

End of Policy and Procedure