Meeting Agenda Template

Creating a meeting agenda serves two main purposes. First, when you create the agenda, you are creating the road map of the meeting and planning the outcome. The second main purpose is to let participants know what the meeting is about and what is expected from them.

Simple agenda template

Every agenda has two main sections and should list the following:

Meeting header

The meeting header contains general meeting information

  • Meeting date
  • Meeting start time
  • Meeting end time
  • Meeting location
  • Meeting purpose
  • List of participants (including guests)
  • List of meeting reference documents (if applicable)

Agenda items

For each item list the following:

  • Title or topic
  • Short description of the topic
  • Person responsible for the item (lead)
  • Time allotted
  • List of reference documents related to the item (if applicable)

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The meeting agenda for recurring meetings

For recurring meetings, the agenda items section is typically further divided into four sub-sections:

1. Standing items

Standing items are items that are always on the agenda of a regular scheduled meeting.
Examples of standing items are:
- Review Agenda
- Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
- Budget status update
- Etc.

2. Business Arising (old business)

Items that were not discussed or not completed in a previous meeting or action items that are due are listed in this section.

3. New Business

These are the new agenda topics for this meeting

4. Ending Items

Ending items are basically also standing items for a regular scheduled meeting but are used to conclude the meeting. Examples are:
- Announcements
- Meeting summary
- Review of actions
- Date of the next meeting
- Etc.

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Example of a recurring meeting agenda


 Finance Committee

Meeting Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007           Start time: 10:00 AM             End time: 11:15 AM
Location: Room 4011
Purpose: Regular scheduled meeting

Accepted: Dave Carter, Cathy Ray, Trevor Ward
Regrets: Carol Philps

Angela Mull

Meeting Documents

1. Standing Items
1.1 Review agenda Trevor Ward / 5 min
1.2 Approve minutes of previous meeting Trevor Ward / 5 min
1.3 Budget status update Cathy Ray / 10 min
2. Business Arising
2.1 Fundraising Plan
Please review the updated version of the plan and be prepared to approve.
- Fundraising plan 2008.pdf
Cathy Ray / 10 min
3. New Business
3.1 Review 2007 Operating budget
Please review and comment the draft version of the new budget.
- 2007 Operating Budget.xls
Dave Carter / 20 min
3.2 Request for funding: JOHSC
The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee submitted a request for funding of new equipment.
See requisition# A452237 for details
Cathy Ray / 10 min
4. Ending Items
4.1 Review action items Trevor Ward / 5 min
4.2 Date next meeting Trevor Ward / 5 min



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